Individual and Couples Sessions:  The Basics


The first session is free and there is no pressure to make a second appointment.  It’s designed to give you or you and your partner a chance to experience an innovative approach. This way you have a chance to see if it’s a good fit.  Come in spend an hour getting more information, asking questions and clarifying your concerns and discuss what you want to be different in your life or relationship. See if you notice a change in how you feel.

In fact, we strongly suggest that you take a day -- or two -- to see how you feel. Think it over. Discuss your experience with your partner or friends. The goal of any effective counseling is for you leave each session with new perspectives and more empowering ideas and options.

Our Sessions Are Guaranteed: We believe so strongly in our approach that it’s guaranteed. You will learn new insights, perspectives and options in every individual / couples / group session or there is no charge for the session.

Length of Sessions:  Typically it takes most people between 30-40 minutes to describe their feelings, issues or concern before they are at the point of being able to absorb new information, feedback or insights. That’s why our sessions are a full 60 minutes unlike the usual 45 minute hour you may find with other therapists.

Free Sessions: for referrals you make to Empowering Options.

Free Individual Session: for your birthday if you are a client or group member of Empowering Options

Free Supportive Educational Resources:  on our website you can find newsletters on various topics to download for free; you can read our blog on a variety of subjects and you can subscribe to our new quarterly newsletters.

Running Late:  If you will be late to your session please let us know. We'll wait 15 minutes past your appointment time before we leave. If you call ahead we'll know you're on your way and will wait until you get there. If you end up having to be late, the session will end at the same time it would have and you will be charged for the full session. This rarely happens but if we are late you will have the option of rescheduling a new session or taking the current session at half fee.

Cancellations:  Cancellation need to be given 48 hours in advance.