Relationships: Making Them Work

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Relationships: Making Them Work


The difference between successful relationships and failed ones is  knowing what makes them succeed. We’ve all been in relationships, that despite our best efforts, are not working. You try to understand each  other, explain your intentions, thoughts & feelings to no avail.  You try everything you can think of yet still feel like the relationship is adrift.

Learn How To Make It Work!  This workshop focuses on facts, skills and techniques that create positive change with most all couples.  You’ll see your relationship differently & learn how to focus on what you’re doing instead of what you’re trying to do.  You’ll understand the identifiable patterns that encourage, set up, and prevent either partner from connecting and doing healthy behaviors.  Without learning what makes successful  relationships thrive you slowly drift apart.  Unable to recognize the subtle, repeated patterns undermining you in the background there will typically be a dramatic event signifying the relationship is in trouble


You’ll discover how to identify behaviors, thought processes, and reactions that are unique to failed relationships.  Then you will learn how to make a fulfilling, fun, emotionally connected and successful relationship!

You will learn how to :


  1. Difference between failed & successful relationships

  2. See the repeated patterns undermining you

  3. Use new skills by the end of the workshop

  4. Make a relationship fulfilling, fun & successful

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