Jan 19th 2019 Beginner's Guide to Life

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FLYER  8x11 beginners Guide to Life 1-19-19.jpg
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Jan 19th 2019 Beginner's Guide to Life

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Saturday, January 19th from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm


Once we’re adults. we’re expected to know how the world and the people in it work. When things don’t make sense we’re told we’re not understanding.

If we make mistakes, pick a “wrong choice”, we blame ourselves for what we were never taught. This workshop will teach you thing’s you weren’t taught and a whole lot more. This workshop will teach you the things you weren’t taught. This is a crash course in how people and relationships work, the most common patterns people do and the predictability of behaviors.

This workshop will show you how to create your own beginner’s guide to life and how to recognize, understand and sculpt the behaviorial and emotional lay of the land. You’ll learn how to navigate it all like the expert you were told you should be.

You will learn how to:

Create your own Guide to Life

Predict the behaviors of those around you

Understand the patterns of yourself and others

Navigate life as the expert they said you should be

Cost:  $40pp -  $45 pp for 5 CEU’s   Advanced Registration - No Walk Ins  

        Location: Obverse Gallery 1434 N. Western Ave, Chicago              

Working Lunch: Bring a Brown Bag & Beverage  

Dress:   Dress Comfortably & In Layers As The Space Is Cool

with 5 CEU's:
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