Sept 15th Beginner's Guide to Life

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beginner's guide 2.jpg

Sept 15th Beginner's Guide to Life

from 40.00

Saturday, Sept 15th from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm

Once we are adults, we’re expected to know how the world and the people in it work.  When we make mistakes, pick a “wrong choice” we blame ourselves for what we were never taught. 


This workshop is a crash course in how people work, the most common patterns they engage in and how you can navigate it all like the expert you’re told you should be.  This is a fun workshop for learning, gaining insight and creating change in how you view yourself and your life.

You will learn how:

To easily recognize patterns of behavior

To apply these insights to those around you

To create change simply by understanding the predictably of people

Cost:  $40pp -  $45 pp for 5 CEU’s   Advanced Registration - No Walk Ins  

SAVE: Pre-Register online for all 6 in Seminar Series.  

Credit Card is Charged Month of Each Workshop. 6th one is FREE

        Location: Dank Hause 4740 N. Western Ave               

Working Lunch: Bring a Brown Bag & Beverage  

Dress:   Dress Comfortably & In Layers As The Space Is Cool

with 5 CEU's:
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