Empowering Options Works Where Other Counseling Doesn’t


Empowering Options is one of the most effective counseling approaches because our philosophy is to be uniquely on the side of the client. Weconcentrate on helping you learn, explore, and create your options. Options are in the perspective – the beliefs that you view yourself and the world through.

As children we believe what the adults in our lives tell us about the world and especially about ourselves. Not only does this affects us as children but it profoundly affects us as adults. These messages intensely affect our view of ourselves, our level of self-acceptance, self-esteem, and how we act in our lives and in our intimate relationships.

If we’re told, as children, that we’re bossy, clumsy, stupid, a loser, etc. the majority of us will believe we are those things in one degree or another. If children are treated, on any level, as if they are unlikable – they will believe it. This belief becomes how we view ourselves. The view we are given of ourselves determines our levels of self-esteem, and self–acceptance, and is one of the main reasons for problems in our relationships, with our partners, and in our parenting. Most of us were unintentionally taught, from a very young age, to think and feel against ourselves. Most of us do not have an objective view of ourselves so we have little compassion for how we handle the challenges we face.

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Empowering Options Uses a Unique Combination of Information, Perspective and Insight

to help you view yourself and your life differently. Change the beliefs; understand your options and you change your experience. That’s what our individual, couple’s and group sessions, workshops and classes are all about: being on the side of the client. There is no assumption that what you are doing or feeling is wrong. We don’t assume that you need to be fixed. Our goal is for you to feel empowered, esteemed and effective in your own life from the first session –guaranteed.

You won’t have to assume we understand what you are trying to tell us. There is no doubt if we understand what you are feeling / sharing. We demonstrate throughout each individual, group or couples session, not only that we understand, but how we understand. We know that being understood is one of the basic fundamentals of not only effective counseling, but of real connection and change.

Our approach is a collaboration of your concerns, feelings and thoughts combined with new information, perspectives, and options. We fit people’s lives by being on your side and providing a supportive and empowering approach that makes it possible for you to create the changes you want at the pace you’re most comfortable with. We strive to keep you interested and interactive; energized and supported. Our guarantee is that you leave each session with a new, more powerful way of looking at things.

Empowering Options brings an innovative approach to the counseling experience. The focus is always on empowering the client and teaching clients how to so the same for themselves. Using a unique combination of insight, perspective, and objective observation, clients are given the information, tools, and self-belief to change their lives.

We Provide Distinctive Feedback, Options, Clarity and Increased Self-Esteem

Sessions are filled with interactive conversations - not empty stares, silence, or rhetorical questions. You don’t have to assume we understand your feelings or concerns because we consistently demonstrate our understanding. If you ask a question you can expect a direct and straightforward answer. We don’t believe you should spend your time and money with a therapist that responds “What do you think?” or “How does that make you feel?” when you ask for their expertise.

We teach you how to create options that will empower you throughout your life. Our innovative style, along with a fun and thought-provoking manner, is distinctively client positive and client empowering. We present new ways to look at old beliefs and behaviors that will enhance your life and give you extremely effective tools to help you with the changes you want to make. We create an adventure of insights, esteem and options.