Learning By Doing: Training Classes for Professionals

Want to connect with your clients immediately?
Want to raise both your client's and your own self-esteem and self-acceptance at the same time?
Having difficulty engaging hostile or resistant clients?
Looking for a more powerful way to improve your client /group outcome?
Looking for a way to rapidly create a feeling of empowerment with your client base?

Some people avoid counseling or therapy because they, “…don’t want pay someone to tell me what’s wrong with me.” Others go to a therapist the way they go to the doctor – again to find out what’s wrong with them. Face it, much of the mental health profession is based on helping people to figure out and change what’s wrong with them.

Approaching clients and their concerns from a different perspective - a perspective of figuring out what’s right, what works and what would work even better eliminates the concept of “wrong” and rectifies the feelings of shame . Teaching our clients and ourselves how to restore the self-esteem we were naturally born with raises both theirs and our self-acceptance, esteem and confidence at the same time. This creates an emotional win-win situation. Win-win situations make it easier for people to make changes, take risks, and create conscious relationships and actions.

Empowered clients and therapists are the result of self-awareness, boundaries, confidence, self-esteem and the self-acceptance to move away from our family taught belief systems. Research has shown the most effective way to increase client outcome is to increase the therapist's self-awareness, self-acceptance levels and teach new esteeming skills and techniques.

In addition to 24 CEU credits, our “Learning By Doing” training classes provide you with a personal adventure and professional insights by teaching you how to use our innovative empowering approach to strengthen self-acceptance, boundaries, raise self-esteem.

In addition, to creating personal insights, awareness and skill sets for yourself - you will also learn how to improve client outcome, and how to engage any client, even the most difficult ones - immediately.

Our “Learning By Doing classes are interactive, exciting, and fulfilling. Class members have the opportunity to get real experience using new information, techniques, and insights. The intimate group format provides members the chance to have a hand-held understanding of both the client's and therapist's experience.

In a fun, interactive and challenging format you will learn how to:

• Raise your level of self-acceptance personally and professionally
• Improve your self-esteem personally and professionally
• Engage and connect with your clients immediately
• Raise both your client's and your own self-esteem at the same time
• Engage hostile or resistant clients
• A powerful way to improve your client /group outcome
• Rapidly create a feeling of empowerment within yourself and your clients
• Learn to be other observant
• Provide innovative options for all client situations
• Experience a safe, non-shaming, completely esteeming environment to learn and grow on both a personal and professional level

Our Sessions Are Guaranteed:   We believe so strongly in our approach that it’s guaranteed. You will learn new insights, perspectives and options in every individual / couples / group session or there is no charge for the session.

Length of Sessions:  Our groups and classes are 90 minutes, once a week for sixteen weeks.

Free Sessions for referrals you make to Empowering Options.

Free Supportive Education Resources:  on our website you can find newsletters on various topics to download for free; you read our blog on a variety of subjects; you can subscribe to our free weekly easy-to-read handouts and you can subscribe to our new quarterly newsletters.

Running Late:  If you will be late to your group please let us know. It’s disruptive to the flow of a group or class to not know if a member will be there or not.