March 22, 2014


We spend a great deal of time and energy looking for “The One”. Once we find the person we feel we can trust to share what is in our heart and mind, we find out we have no idea how to stay close, connected, and in love. Gradually both partners start doing reactive, destructive, “you must change” behaviors. Disconnection builds, closeness fades and we end up wondering what happened to the person we fell in love with.


This workshop will focus on the fundamentals of creating a healthy, long lasting relationship. You will learn how to recognize & replace relationship damaging behaviors with relationship building behaviors. You will learn options, examples, and the step by step basics of what to do and how to do it.

You will learn:

  • How to stay close, connected and in love
  • To recognize reactive, destructive
  • To understand healthy relationship - building behaviors
  • To recognize relationships damaging behaviors & beliefs
  • Step by step basics of a healthy, loving relationship