Community Seminars and Workshops

2015-2016 Saturday Seminar Series : Learning, Insight & Fun

The best way to learn is to have fun while you’re doing it.  Insightful “ah-ha” moments happen when we are presented with new ideas in a safe relaxed style.  Learning is anincredible adventure that gives us new skills and concepts to tryout.

The adventure is in the perspective;  the beliefs that we view the world through.  Change the beliefs andyou change the experience.  These seminars are about giving you more “light-bulb” moments to think about, more opportunities to learn and more skills and options to try.  

We strive to keep you interested and interactive; energized and supported.  The goal is that you leave each seminar with a new, more powerful way of looking at things and learn creative ideas as to what possibilities there are. The focus is on using an innovative style,  along with a fun and thought provoking presentation manner to present new ways to look at old patterns, behaviors and beliefs that you’ll be thinking about long after you’ve left.


Cost:     $50pp-  $55 w/ CEU'sAdvance registration-  No Walk Ins   

Time:     9:00 am-  2:30 pm

Lunch:  Bring a brown bag & beverage   -  Working lunch 

Dress:  Dress comfortably & in layers as the space is cool 

Location:   Foxhole Chicago - Creative Spaces at 2444 W. Montrose (near western and Montrose).              

Guarantee: Using an innovative style,  along with a fun and thought provoking presentation manner. You will learn new insights, skills, concepts and perspectives in a fun and safe atmosphere or your money will be refunded.


October 10th - No Change Required

When we did things that made our parents uncomfortable, they made us change.  Whether they use corporal punishment, guilt, shame or blame-the impact was the same.  These "techniques of change" worked on us because children easily convinced of their own "badness".  So of course we internalize this way of thinking.

This gives us a deep seated belief that change is required to have a better life, relationship and to be a better person.  When we identify something in our lives that isn't working, we apply to ourselves the same techniques our parents used.

This creates a "white knuckling" loop of shame as we try to force ourselves to be different.  Like our parent's method-  whether it works or not - we shame ourselves for not changing fast enough.  We guilt ourselves for not trying hard enough.  We blame ourselves for not changing soon enough.

This workshop will focus on a "No Change Required" approach to address the things you want to shift. You will learn how to move from the out dated techniques of change used by our parents to a more effective, innovativeapproach for the things you would like to do differently.  You will discover how to eliminate shame & self-criticism, replace it with self-esteem & acceptance and enjoy doing new things and have a relaxed & fun experience.

December 13th - Butterflies and Sweat

One of the most daunting parts of being an adult is to face the fear of looking behind the curtain of our family's illusions and denial. True courage is learning everything there is to know about without judgement.  Real maturity requires that we reassess beliefs & actions we were taught as kids and make objective choices about how we want to think, feel and respond. On one hand it's excitingly liberating. On the other it's sweaty palms scary to look "behind the curtain" & recognize our family's behaviors for what they are.
This workshop will focus the butterflies & sweat of growing up. We'll see how to replace fear with fascination and objectively learn who and what is actually running our lives and our decisions.  We'll understand the benefits of having butterflies in your stomach and sweat on your palms as we explore how to make healthy decisions, create new paths and discover fun new options try.


February 13, 2016 - Single Point of Failure

This is our annual relationship workshop for anyone who

  • has been in or
  • is currently in or
  • is trying to get out of or
  • trying to get into a romantic relationship.

This year the design will follow the concept of "Everything You Want to Know About Romantic Relationships, But Didn't Know Who or What To Ask".
You can come with a friend, partner or by yourself as this is an all encompassing, fun and crazy informative experience.